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Shortly after buying his first Harley––a 1947 Knucklehead––Christian Beckas realized that he not only found his passion, he found his life’s calling. And since then, Harley enthusiasts all over San Diego have been the better for it.

Christian learned all about the inner workings of Harleys in an apprentice training program and then spent over ten years maintaining a fleet of Harleys in a successful family-run rental business. During that time he became regarded as one of the top Harley reconditioning experts on the West Coast, with hundreds of recons to his credit.

Deep down, Christian always wanted to run his own shop and in late 2007, he opened American Cycle Design (ACD) in Pt. Loma. He and his talented team maintain late-model Harleys for owners all over San Diego County, enabling them to get maximum enjoyment out of what he calls “The Harley Experience.”

The shop gives Christian the freedom to build custom motorcycles when he isn’t maintaining bikes for his growing list of clients. The layout is uniquely designed for maintenance and showing off his latest creations––a very pristine environment that he takes a lot of pride in and feels is a direct reflection of their work.



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ACD is all about customer service, and as a result, much of its new business comes from referrals––testament to a first-class operation. The team at ACD is as personable as they are skilled and make everyone feel right at home. Of course, that’s just what you’d expect from lifelong Harley riders.


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American Cycle Design

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